How to Make Sure the Kwikstage Scaffolding Full Safety in the Construction

At the construction site, scaffolding is used for the workers to work at height and it is easy to dismantle and install with good load bearing capacity. Then how to make sure the full safety of scaffolding in the construction?

adto steel scaffoldingCheck and inspect the working plan of construction unit and check the safety measures and calculation of load bearing capacity so the safety can be fully satisfied. If it is failed to meet the safety requirement, restart the construction.    Inform the construction unit if any check is not implemented.   In the ringlock scaffolding products structure, cantilevered beams extruding over the main body structure and there is no load bearing element at the end of main body to bear the vertical forces. Put and fix the steel cantilevered beam on the floor slab and the back it with wooden plate. The cantilevered bean shall put into the anchoring ring and then insert into the gaps. When setting the cantilevered beam, the diameter shall be upward placed.

Reported by Michael Deng

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