Plans and Preparations Before Scaffolding Construction and Building

Scaffolding, former head engineering should be according to the requirement of the scaffold construction design or special solutions to technical clarificaiton set-up and use of personnel. To enter the scene of the scaffolding components, to improve the quality of its carry before use. Building below small make up and everyone under brief analysis.


1. unit project director should organize cantilever steel pipe scaffold special construction scheme of the staff, the builder, safety personnel, in accordance with the requirements of the special construction scheme and safety technical regulations, written technical clarificaiton, erectness personnel and signing formalities.

2. cantilever scaffold erection, erectness personnel should read the cantilever scaffold special construction plan, mastering the cantilever bearing frame structure, arrangement, distance, special parts, such as, corner, balcony floor (electric) ladder, etc.) is the specific practice, scaffolding set-up requirements of aircraft body and so on, and check the actual situation, need to coordinate with the design personnel, modify the design.

3. should be in accordance with the requirements of the special construction scheme, construction, production, installation of embedded iron pieces, embedded bolt and concealed engineering acceptance, concealment acceptance should complete formalities.

4. should according to the special construction scheme, construction drawings and relevant technical norms, to approach the cantilever bearing parts, scaffolding steel pipes, fasteners and components, embedded iron, bolt, such as check acceptance, unqualified products shall not be used.

5. after the inspection of materials, the classification of the components should be neatly stacked, smooth, yard can not have water.

6. cantilever scaffolding tube steel pipes, fasteners and cantilever bearing frame should be ready to paint, anti-corrosion, etc.

7. cantilever bearing rack installation time corresponding to the main structure of concrete strength should not be less than C10;

How to find a qualified kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer?

Kwikstage Scaffolding manufacturer is numerous, but the factory production of have different quality, different after-sales, often very hard to choose, such as good scaffold, real manufacturer.

Choose Kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer, however, does not like the big market to choose Chinese cabbage, looking for manufacturers to purchase wholesale, but should hold cautious attitude from the strength of the manufacturers, product quality, service and other aspects to consider. These factors are important for the long term cooperation. Low purchasing costs is important but pls remember, no business man will deal without any profit for a long time,  WIN-WIN partnership  can only lasts for a long time.

Kwikstage scaffoldings

Furthermore, pls pay particular attention to the quality , after all it is the one need to use the operation of the project, the workers need to stamped on the operation on the scaffolding, if quality of scaffolding is bad , construction personnel person can easily lead to damage to bring safe hidden trouble, also easy to cause the construction accidents, which is good, in examining a scaffolding manufacturer.

Curb placed on metal overcapacity

The State Council released a document on Feb 4 aimed at solving overcapacity in the steel and iron industries, together with an effort to promote the development of enterprises in the field.

China has pledged to cut its steel capacity by around 45 million tonnes this year and by 140 million tonnes by 2020.


The most-traded rebar, used in construction, rose 0.47 percent to 2,584 yuan ($389) a tonne on the Shanghai Futures Exchange on Friday after the output data. The contract hit 2,639 yuan on Wednesday, its highest since April 26.

Based on the trading record in these three month, the steel pricing has been keep rising day by day, and we fear that it will not go back to normal point in 2016.

Due to this governmental cutting, the steel in market is tigthened,no sign to be average point in 2016.

Notes: The final result is that the prices of scaffoldings will be rised day by day.



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2016 Steel pricing tendency in China

Based on the pricing records in the passed monthes, the steel pricing in China is not optimistic.

Although the steel billet is facing overcapacity situation in China, but the pricing has been keeping going-up since the early of this June due to inernational factors, and there is no sign to be back.

2016 china steel pricing tendency

As you know, the kwikstage scaffolding, shoring frame, scaffolding tubes and other accessories are made of steel, and the prices of scaffoldings are floating along with the steel billet.

Due to soaring steel pricing, our prices will be not valid for a long time, pls check with us once again before confirming the order.


Painting Kwikstage Scaffolding Double Stepdown Bracket

The painting kwikstage scaffolding stepdown bracket onto a stair access or ladder access is always difficult due to site constraints, ground levels and base outs. The use of the adjustable step down bracket gives the comfort of adjustment to balance the variables so the step becomes balanced when getting on or getting off a stair access at ground level.

黄字 拷贝

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ADTO Training: The Speaking Model of Top Sales

Glad to say that the ADTO Business College invites Chairman Mr. You to teacth 139 Salesman Speaking skills on August 12th & 13th.

Undoubtly, this lecture will be helpful for development of our sales team.

We are a family, come on, buddies!

top sales speaking

Last but not least, pls allow me, on behalf of 139 families, to send our sincere thanks to ADTO Business Colledge for this kind arrangement.

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Do You Know the Usage Requirements of Scaffolding Tube ?

Scaffolding accessories at the time of use must be set-up, according to the regulations of the project and the scope of the use of safe to must not exceed the design load, and during the construction of security. Members also have hands feet at the same time, construction, materials and tools, when structures, no specific provisions, must be carried out in accordance with the safety scope to set up.

scaffolding tube

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Painted Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Stillage Pallet

The Painted kwikstage scaffolding steel stillage pallet is used for holding kwikstage scaffoldings and safely picked up by forklift and stacks on top of each other.

Pallets achieve a maximum load of 9000kgs.

Client advised that these pallets are stacked 6 pallets high. Using a safety factor of 2, these pallets are rated to a Working Load Limit of 750kgs when stacked 6 units high.


a) Durability: steel pallet is made of tough material and provides long-term benefits.

b) Easy operation: picked up by forkliftand saving labour costs

Product Image

steel pallet


Production Process

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage product process

Packaging and Shipping

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage packaging shipping

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ADTO In-house Training:ISO9001

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. For business, they are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors, and increasing productivity. They help companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and facilitate free and fair global trade.

In order to help ADTO families have a better understanding and improve efficiency, ADTO Business College created the training course of ISO standards.

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Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Base Plate

The base plate, constructed of heavy duty steel and it’s to distribute the load from a kwikstage scaffolding standard or vertical Pole to the supporting structure

When secured the base plate stops tube from slipping across the floor.

Used for 48mm OD tube.



Product Image

scaffolding base plate

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