Do You Know the Usage Requirements of Scaffolding Tube ?

Scaffolding accessories at the time of use must be set-up, according to the regulations of the project and the scope of the use of safe to must not exceed the design load, and during the construction of security. Members also have hands feet at the same time, construction, materials and tools, when structures, no specific provisions, must be carried out in accordance with the safety scope to set up.

scaffolding tube

Scaffolding of paving scaffolding tube and the layer number of homework together also should be paid attention to, at the same time, the number of operations shall not exceed the scope of security, the surface of the scaffold to laying pipe evenly and prevent center leans to one side, must be vertical transport facilities, with scaffolding accessories in the middle of the transport platform and how much weight of the plating layer of control must be implemented according to the provisions of the construction organization design, not to increase the number of plating layer and the transport platform accumulation of goods more than design load, lintel the wall unit and heavy construction tools must not be arbitrary on top of scaffolding.

kwikstage tube

If it is hand aircraft construction need to dismantle some of the steel tube, be sure to get the construction foreman and technical personnel, but also need reliable reinforcement measures to make up for, the sort of scaffolding safety protection facilities, if there is no set or set and the request is not consistent, must be improved and maintenance can be construction.

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