Galvanised Steel Scaffolding Planks Are More Economical

Glavanised Steel Scaffolding Plank is one of the necessary use scaffolding accessories, in the modern shipbuilding, repairing yard, building construction, large project such as construction of widespread application.

Why would such a scaffolding planks in industries are so popular in the construction engineering, and the major surface in ADTO galvanized steel is more economical and practical than other scaffolding planks diving board.
ADTO’s scaffolding steel planks use 1.8 mm thick galvanized steel Q195 or Q235 carbon steel stamping forming, have fire prevention, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, surface convex hole with double border slip effect is good, pitch trim molding specification, good appearance, durable, unique sand hole leakage Saudi deposition prevention, especially suitable for coating sand workshop of shipyard.

galvanised steel scaffolding plank

ADTO galvanized steel scaffolding planks is used in the construction site set up laying device for walking, must be strong and durable, safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity, and corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, long service life, in order to achieve the use of the site requirements, have a great effect on construction building.

Steel scaffolding planks compared with other scaffolding planks economic material benefit, using steel scaffolding planks has become a trend at home and abroad, construction qualification, and greatly improved the company plays a big step.

Steel scaffolding planks recovery rate is high, use fixed number of year is long, easy open device is convenient, make can still waste/garbage disposal. The pitch trim molding specification, good appearance, durable (normal construction can use continuously 6-8 years) characteristic of sand leakage hole at the bottom of the craft had sand deposition prevention effect. When using the steel scaffolding planks, build scaffolding steel pipe can be reduced, and can improve the efficiency of building. Lower than wood, scrapped after so many years still can recycle 35% – 35% of the investment, etc.

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