China Scaffolding Application

In the old times, the bamboo was introduced into the building industry in Hong Kong immediately after colonization in the 1800s, notably The Great Wall of China, were built using bamboo.

For my houses in the countyside, they were built in  1990 & 2000, the supporting system were also the bamboo scaffoldings.

As the time going by, more and more people realize the importance of safety in the building sites. Nowadays, the tubular scaffolding is widely used in the residential buildings as below pictures.


Because its costs is lower than modular scaffoldings like kwikstage scaffolding, Ringlock, although it is heavily laboring works.

For the big commercial or government projects, the ringlock is used, our honored projects is the  Changsha Maglev Express

Following the step of economic developmemt, it is believed that, more and more modular scaffolding will be presented in the construction sites, not only industrial sites but also civilling, residential projects.

The pricing trend of kwikstage steel scaffold board

Coommonly knew that, steel scaffold board is the main components in the kwikstage scaffolding system which is provided a temporary supporting structure in construction sites.

Steel scaffold board is made of the pre-galvanised sheet to provide a walkthrough & working platform in the kwikstage scaffolding system, it is indispensable.

Recently month, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection & National Development and Reform Commission, under the indication of  Jinpin Xi Chairman, push lots of actions on the production of iron core, specially the inermediate frequency furnance. Whilst, there are special teams rush into some key province to do rearches.

Under such circumstances, the steel pricings is refreshing the high-point record day by day, and there is no sign to be lower point in recent month.


the pricing trend of steel

Eventually, the prices of steel scaffold board is soaring correspondingly.

Just from Dec 11th to Dec 13th, the selling price of steel scaffold plank is USD 30.0 per ton. Really, we donot mean to sell steel boad of higher prices, but it results from the raw materials.

Before placing the order, pls consult the prices once again, actually, the raw-material pricing is changed day by day.