Shows in 2016-2017 Annual Meeting

What a fantastic meet!

All the shows are created by our ADTO colleagues.

Well done


Banquet Hall


Breakdance created by Vincent who is marketing manager of Korea


CCTV News by International trade Department


Chorus presented by Tianjin Scaffolding Factory


Dancing by our Hubei Aluminum Formwork factory


Gitar & Songs, National Martketing Department

2016 Annual Meeting – ADTO Group

Glad to say that, ADTO Group hold the Annual Meeting in this afternoon at Empark Grand Hotel.

Many thanks all of supports from our suppliers, partners and our clients in 2016.

Confidently, 2017 will be a joyful & successful year for both of us.

Come on, buddies!



Why Does So Many Scaffold Accidents Happened In Recent Years?

Over the past few years in our country’s construction industry, the construction scaffoldings collapsed many times, this to our staff has caused serious casualties. Scaffolding appeared some safety accidents, caused by the reason is that there are many aspects, but so far there is no way to good to contain. Especially for some of the die set emerging in terms of the lease industry in building, if let it continue this development, so the future of our industry will cause serious influence.

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New sampling room in new ADTO building

To step with the pace with the business develop, we are launching the new ADTO buildings (at North Jinxing Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China) which acquire 3000 SQM.

The new buildings are being decorated nowadays.

Jan 11th -12th, 50 of colleagues in headquarter prepared the sampling room together.

Confidently, This 1300.0 s.q.m sampling room will help you better understanding of our products.

Products presented: 

Tube & Scaffold Couplers, Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding, Frame, Aluminum Formwork, Plastic Formwork, Aluminum Stairs, Steel Prop, Steel Structure and etc.

Below pictures just your first sight.

Cannot waitting to visit it?  Call us today (+86-15802506697)