Holiday notice – Dragon Boat Festival

May 30th is Dragon Boat Festival and is a tranditional and important celebration in China.

Three of the most widespread activities conducted during the Duanwu Festival are eating (and preparing) zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.

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China will have 3 days of holiday from Sunday (May 28) to Tuesday (May 30), and we will be back at work on Wednesday, May 31st.

During this period, if there is any urgent thing or inquiry of scaffold.

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Have a nice weekend to all of you.

Reported by Tony from ADTO Group

Better Production Situation of Scaffold industry after environmental controlling

The galvanizers & acid-related plants had cut or ceased production in mid-April because of the sewage pits founded in Tianjin & Hebei

With the ending of strict environmental protection checks, galvanizers in North China returned to production, as what we got from the scaffold industry

Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau announced May 19 some large galvanizers are allowed to restart production.


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Requirements and Matters Needing Attention during erecting scaffold

Erection of scaffolding requirements and matters needing attention are as follows:
1. The erection of scaffolding general requirements
(1) the construction personnel must wear safety helmet when working on the shelf, fasten your seat belt, wear soft shoes. Scaffold materials should be piled up smoothly, construction tools should be placed within the tool bag, passing objects without throwing up and down.


Decayed and severe cracking

(2) shall not be used bamboo, wood planks, or eat by moth, dry brittle, splitting of the material.
(3) in the rain, snow, freezing weather construction, construction must be slippery measure on the shelves, and clear the snow and ice slag should be in before construction and clean.
(4) to return to work project carefully check should be made for scaffolding, if discover the stud loose subsidence, dangling, node, shelves skew, etc., should be timely treatment.
2. The erection of scaffolding requirements
(1) the erection of scaffolding should comply with the relevant requirements, and should be set between metope and enough, and strong pull node, hand shall not be arbitrarily increased foot pole distance or no Rachel.
(2) that the foundations of the erection of scaffolding should be leveling or adding wood, plate MATS, guarantee it has enough bearing capacity, to prevent the global or local subsidence.
(3) scaffold chute and the feeding platform should be set high 1 m safety rail and 450 px high foot or hang protection set net, and with the construction of high rises.


(4) the laid of scaffolding to spread, smooth and steady, can not have the cantilever plate.
(5) in the process of erection of scaffolding, set in time to connect wall bar, bracing, and necessary to pull on the rope and sling, to prevent scaffolding deformation, the dumping of the build-up in the process of the scaffold.


Aluminum stair for 2.0m height in Kwikstage Scaffold system.

New Products

Glad to say that ADTO Aluminum Manufacturing factory developed the new aluminum stair for 2.0 height used in kwikstage scaffold system.

Kwikstage scaffold aluminum stairs is the safe & easy solution for vertical access.

These 2.0m high stair cases are lightweight with non-slip treads and platform.

Handrails are also available that comply with Australian Standards

Materials: aluminum 6061-T6

Size: 2420(W)* 1981(H)*575(W) mm ( it could be tailored)

Weight: 38.0kg

Accessories: screws


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Changsha Xiangjia Metal Material Co., Ltd
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What benefit from scaffold robotic welding

Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots), which completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part.

robotic welding

Robotic welding for scaffoldings offers the following advantages to ADTO who need to change production tasks repeatedly:

  1. Robotic welding allows ADTO to use an available labor pool for a minimal price
    Manual welding personnel are expensive and difficult to find, train, and retain. With a robotic welder you can optimize your staff by having one great welder supervising the work of several automated cells instead having to find and train a lot of welders for the job. Currently, ADTO has 8 robots for the scaffold welding.
  2. Higher yields and throughput
    Automation can routinely place the same quality welds in the same spots, over and over again, with minimal human error, eliminating the repetitive boring jobs which could be a factor in welder turnover.
  3. Less post-weld cleanup
    Robotic welding can be very precise allowing for less weld spattering and neater seams.
  4. Lower the cost of consumable materials
    Filler material and weld wire are used more economically, and less wastefully, with robotic welding thereby reducing the overall cost of the scaffolds.
  5. Reduction in total time to market
    Scaffold parts move through the system more quickly with repeatable part placement and routines set for the robotic welder, allowing for potentially increased production

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What Problems Shall be Paid Attention When Using the Scaffolding Tube

Scaffolding pipe can provide construction personnel and the side of the road the pedestrian safety net to maintain security and periphery and high altitude installation, etc. Under the scaffolding tube manufacturers as an introduction to using shelves tube what problem should note.


1, to ensure that the frame tube surface cleaning, such as regularly remove accumulated in the pipe scaffolding dangerous parts of the materials, brick, concrete block and sundry;   And on the shelves on the tube material should have certain limit, can’t overload piled up. Otherwise it will cause the scaffolding tube damage, or scaffolding pipe in use there are a lot of potential safety hazard, increases the risk of construction.

2, when we use tube scaffolding, to observe the frame tube structure of the whole or local whether there is any deviation, especially the frame tube of each joint is to loosen deflection phenomenon, such as they should be should be timely maintenance. Especially before use, check more carefully, if wait until there is a problem to repair, will not help.

3, after completing the whole frame tube, and check the net twine federated eye network root bundle loosening and mat bamboo basketry and covered with bamboo basketry colligation point for hamstring off wait for a phenomenon, if found fracture, loose, etc., should be timely change. Otherwise when construction personnel in high altitude extremely easy falling off the scaffolding tube, causing serious accidents.

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Tube and coupler scaffold

Tube and coupler scaffold (commonly called tube and clampscaffold) is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and couplers. Vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes via right angle clamps. Diagonal tubes are periodically connected to the scaffold via swivel clamps in order to stabilize the scaffold.

This type of scaffold is generally used where unlimited versatility is required. In many countries, it is common in construction. Horizontal tubes (and thus walking-decks) can be placed at any height along the vertical tube (as permitted by engineering constraints), and vertical tubes, or legs, can be spaced at any distance apart, up to the maximum distance allowed by engineering constraints.

Tube and coupler is among the most labor-intensive of all scaffolding types.

Nowadays, tube and coupler is mostly used as scaffold platform for the housing builings, below is just one of our project.

tube coupler scaffold

What Is the Development History of Frame Scaffolding in China

Frame scaffold is widely used in the process of building engineering construction, frame scaffolding and now it is convenient to use, but in fact it is able to use in China, only three hundred and forty years.This is the frame scaffold manufacturers to introduce the content of today.

frame scaffolding

A Frame scaffolding is mainly composed of main frame, adjusablescrew jack, cross brace, scaffolding, U head screw jack, joint pin and etc. Frame scaffolding first developed by the United States, it has the tear open outfit simple, bearing performance good, safe and reliable use, etc, are developing fast.

Since the 70 s, China has imported from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries frame scaffolding system, and applied in high-rise building construction. It not only can be used for the construction of the internal and external scaffold, and can be used for floor, beam formwork and movable scaffolding, etc., with more functions, say again so multi-function scaffold.

In the early 80 s, some domestic and manufacturers begin to generic scaffolding frame, until 1985 years later, has successively established 10 frame scaffolding manufacturer, parts of frame scaffolding in construction engineering, began a large number of popularization and application, and by the vast number of construction units welcome. In the 90 s, this kind of scaffolding without development, applied in the construction of less and less, instead makes a lot of frame scaffold manufacturer no longer produce this product.

frame scaffolding

With the development of the technology, the frame scaffold is constantly being improved, and also get more and more the welcome of the market.

Environmental supervision:Limited production

As the environmental prtection, the government put greater attention on the plant pollution these days.
Central Environmental Protection Team ordered all acid-related producers in Jinghai District, Tianjin cease production from May 1. Most local galvanizers were forced to shut down.When they will restart is still indeterminate.


It  understands production at some galvanizers in Jinghai District had been restricted in mid-April. More plants halted operation in May.

About 200 local galvanizing lines will be affected, whose monthly zinc consumption total 40,000-50,000 tonnes per month.

Further, more and more factories relating scaffold are shut down by order, it exceed 80%. Under such circumstance, the supplying of scaffold is decreased dramatically, and the prices will be much higher after this environmental supervision.

We are sorry to say that our factories stop production these days and wait for the better situation.


Aluminium mobile scaffold tower

New Product is Ready for Sale.

Glad to say that our Hubei Aluminum Factory has developed the aluminum mobile scaffold tower, it is ready for sale nowadays.

The below draft is for information,

Size: 1.45m(W)*1.95m(L)*4.0m(H)

More info, call us today

mobile scaffold aluminum tower.jpg


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