Tube and coupler scaffold

Tube and coupler scaffold (commonly called tube and clampscaffold) is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and couplers. Vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes via right angle clamps. Diagonal tubes are periodically connected to the scaffold via swivel clamps in order to stabilize the scaffold.

This type of scaffold is generally used where unlimited versatility is required. In many countries, it is common in construction. Horizontal tubes (and thus walking-decks) can be placed at any height along the vertical tube (as permitted by engineering constraints), and vertical tubes, or legs, can be spaced at any distance apart, up to the maximum distance allowed by engineering constraints.

Tube and coupler is among the most labor-intensive of all scaffolding types.

Nowadays, tube and coupler is mostly used as scaffold platform for the housing builings, below is just one of our project.

tube coupler scaffold

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