Better Production Situation of Scaffold industry after environmental controlling

The galvanizers & acid-related plants had cut or ceased production in mid-April because of the sewage pits founded in Tianjin & Hebei

With the ending of strict environmental protection checks, galvanizers in North China returned to production, as what we got from the scaffold industry

Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau announced May 19 some large galvanizers are allowed to restart production.


Those that pass environmental impact assessment and have no noticeable environmental protection problems are allowed to restart immediately, while those that pass environmental impact assessment but have environmental protection and safety problems will be allowed to resume production after ratifications.

Acid-related plants will be allowed to return to production as long as they are recognized by environmental protection bureau and industry and economic committee.

Those that haven’t effluent discharge facility will be allowed to get back to production if they deliver effluent to sewage plant by tank truck with approval of industry parks of villages and towns.

Enterprises involved in dispute will be handled based on decision of Bureau of Supervision of Tianjin.

Under such circumstance, the industry of manufacturing scaffold will be back to normal track, but the supplying fails short of demand in the short time, it will costs one month, we predict.

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