122th Canton Fair presentd in October

As far as you know, the Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China presented 55 categories trading products.
Glad to say that ADTO has been attended this fair for many years, and also this time.
China Import & Export Fair ( Canton Fair)
Booth No.:  11.2 G30-32 & H15-19
Items Presented: Scaffolding, Formwork, Coated Steel and other building materials
Date: October 15th  – 19th
Time: 9:30 – 18:00
Address: Area B, No 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
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What is the shoring frame system in Formwork construction sites?

The V-Shore System is a high load conventional shoring system consisting of three components: frames, braces and jacks, fast to erect and strip.

It’s very popular in the domestic and small commercial building sector, and offers the benefits of saving costs on inventory, improved productivity and design versatility.

It is the ideal system for civil engineering projects such as the construction of highway bridges or the laying of heavy slabs or beams.

Material: Galvanised Steel (Q235, Q345)

Surface: Painted, Galvanized

Color: self color or as custom’s requirement

Standard: AS 3610


  • Formwork shoring V Frame – 2 pieces
  • Formwork Cross Brace – 2 pieces
  • Formwork Base (Flat) Jack – 4 pieces
  • Formwork U-Head Jack – 4 pieces
  • Frame Connectors – 4 pieces

formwork application


  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) prevents rusting and requires minimal maintenance
  • Stackable and distance between frames can be adjusted with different sizes of braces
  • High bearing capacity (Safe Load Limit36 KN per leg) and can reach to different shoring heights
  • Versatile in different projects
  • All welds have a lifetime guarantee
  • Lowest price guaranteed


The usage of shoring frame system

Shoring frame in the building construction project is indispensable, provide a safe guarantee for construction operations staff.

The use of the shoring frame:

  1. Shoring frame scaffold used in building, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel and other template supporting roof or fly die within the frame.
  2.  As high-rise buildings, both inside and outside gate scaffolding.
  3. Used for mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform.
  4. Use shoring frames scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, the warehouse or barrack.
  5. Used for erection of temporary balcony and stand.

shoring frame

The shoring frame width of scaffolding companies in Australia mainly1219 mm, the height is 3’4’5’6’7′ ft and there are V shoring frame & H shoring frame two types

D60, 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ ft Formwork Shoring frame System, Are you looking for it?

The shoring frame is easy and simple to use. Used in the Composition of the shoring towers, it works together with the base jack, U head jack, cross brace, spigots and other shoring accessories.

The formwork shoring frame system main advantage is the durability and speed in assembling(it requires no additional tools). It has various dimensions to suit different types of implementation and loads of concrete structure.

ADTO Shoring Frames are made from hot dipped galvanised steel tube, diameter is 60mm

Size: 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ ft

AS3610 tested.

Are you looking for it?


V shoring frame Formwork

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