How to set steel scaffold screw jack

1. Place each vertical lever vertically on the pad.

2. The vertical bar of the scaffold is 20cm away from the wall of the wall, and the feet are more than 20cm.

3. The scaffold is afraid of the vertical and horizontal sweep. The vertical sweep rod is fixed on a vertical rod with a right Angle fastener, which is not more than 200 on the base. The horizontal sweep lever is also fixed by a right Angle fastener on the vertical bar under the vertical sweep rod. When the vertical rod based not on the same height, must be high vertical sweeping lever downward extension of two long across and vertical rod is fixed, high and low difference is not less than 1 m. Scaffolding screw jack stand on slope at the top of the stem axis to the slope distance not less than 500 mm.

scaffolding screw jack

4. The upright rod must be connected to the building with a connected wall.

5. The top step of the vertical rod shall be adopted by the top step, and the other layers shall be used. Connect the connection of the scaffolding coupler. The joints and joints shall meet the following requirements. Stud on the docking scaffolding coupler staggered, two adjacent stud joints staggered, not set up within the synchronization, synchronization across a vertical rod inside the two joints in the height direction of stagger distance apart should not less than 500, the distance form the centre of the joint to the master node is not greater than 1/3 of the interval.

The length of the lap shall not be less than 1m, shall be fixed with no less than 2 rotating fasteners, and the edge of the end of the end of the plate shall not be less than 100mm.

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