Sky Ladder, a scaffold road to dream

Some kids will do anything to get out of school. Others risk their lives to get there.

In the mountains of southwest China’s Sichuan province, children descend an 800-meter (half-mile) cliff on unsteady vine ladders to reach school which is made of wood and fastened by steel. The two-hour trip is so demanding, they only return home twice a month.
Atule’er, a village of no more than 400 people, drew wide attention after the state-run Beijing News published a series of striking photos this week of 15 schoolchildren as young as 6 climbing the vine ladders –or “sky ladders,” as locals call them.
Photographer Chen Jie first heard about the village from friends, and when he learned the children would be coming home he joined the climb, camera in hand, to capture the journey up 17 sky ladders along the rocky cliff face.
Exactly because of the pictures spreading, it created great sensations in society, and many compassion public figures attach higly attention on their livings, and donated money and materials.
Finally, there is another better ladder completed which is by steel scaffold pipes and steel scaffold pipes and couplers.
Not only just scaffolds but also a solution to our dreams

                sky ladder

                                                Where is love, there is road.

ladder in the air

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