Kwikstage Scaffolding 2 board hop up bracket with Spigot

Kwikstage 2 board hop-up bracket with spigot fit into the “V” pressing of the standard which is nearest to the wall. They are used to provide cantilevered platform on the inside of the scaffold nearest the wall.

The kwikstage hop up bracket is a unique and versatile scaffolding component that permits the extension of a scaffolding structure


The galvanised hop up brackets is also provided, more information contact us freely (+86-15802506697

Whilst, full range of kwikstage scaffolding accessories are avaliable.

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kwikstage scaffolding double C clip / coupler

kwikstage scaffolding double C clip / coupler is one small part in the whole kwikstage scaffolding system, which is used to fasten two scaffold standards together.



Steel Kwikstage Fittings Drop Forged Swivel Scaffold Coupler

Drop forged galvanized scaffold swivel coupler allows 360 degrees rotation, made of two parts which turn independently, single unit design, easily replaceable bolts, principally used for bracing and allowing tubes to be connected at any angle.

Info Detail
Product Drop Forged Swivel Coupler
Material Q235
Standard AS / NZS 1576.2
Weight 1.13kg
Components 2pcs half coupler, nuts & bolts
Application To tighten scaffolding tubes


This scaffold fitting is the cornerstone of any scaffold framework used together with single, sleeve and swivel couplers. We also stocknew and used steel scaffolding tube in addition to aluminium scaffold tube, you may also be interested in our range of scaffold boards, scaff ancillaries and safety products.

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Painting Kwikstage Scaffolding Double Stepdown Bracket

The painting kwikstage scaffolding stepdown bracket onto a stair access or ladder access is always difficult due to site constraints, ground levels and base outs. The use of the adjustable step down bracket gives the comfort of adjustment to balance the variables so the step becomes balanced when getting on or getting off a stair access at ground level.

黄字 拷贝

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Painted Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Stillage Pallet

The Painted kwikstage scaffolding steel stillage pallet is used for holding kwikstage scaffoldings and safely picked up by forklift and stacks on top of each other.

Pallets achieve a maximum load of 9000kgs.

Client advised that these pallets are stacked 6 pallets high. Using a safety factor of 2, these pallets are rated to a Working Load Limit of 750kgs when stacked 6 units high.


a) Durability: steel pallet is made of tough material and provides long-term benefits.

b) Easy operation: picked up by forkliftand saving labour costs

Product Image

steel pallet


Production Process

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage product process

Packaging and Shipping

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage packaging shipping

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Kwikstage Scaffolding Steel Base Plate

The base plate, constructed of heavy duty steel and it’s to distribute the load from a kwikstage scaffolding standard or vertical Pole to the supporting structure

When secured the base plate stops tube from slipping across the floor.

Used for 48mm OD tube.



Product Image

scaffolding base plate

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Electrical Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Solid Adjustable Screw Jack

Solid Adjustable Screw Jacks locate in the bottom of the kwikstage scaffolding standards, they provide adjustment to cope with variations in ground levels, and these solid screw jacks have a safe working load of 4 tons each. Enabling safe use on uneven ground, the Base plates (150 x 150mm) provide extra stability.


kwikstage screw jack specification

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