Holiday Schedule for 2018 New Year

Glad to say that the Chinese New Year is coming, and there will be especial holiday for us.

Factories of scaffolding, skip bin will be closed on Feb 6th, and back on Feb. 25th.

Headquarter will be off-work on Feb. 14th and return on Feb 22nd.


Products:kwikstage scaffold, ringlock scaffolding, skip bin, scaffold coupler, steel tube, aluminum ladder, screw jack, shoring frame, formply

During this period, any enquiry or consultation of our scaffolding, skip bin, aluminum ladder or others, pls send details to or call us directly +86-15802506697. We could show your the solution at earliest

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Sales Promotion(1) – 20th Years Anniversay

You may know that 2018 is the 20th years for ADTO Group.

As we mentioned before, there will be more events in this year.


Now, the first one is here.

Usually, the trading payment terms 30% paid before production as deposit, and rest paid against copy of BL. Now if total value of order is paid before production, there will be 1% discount. This is for Scaffolding (just for Australia Market) & Waste Bins.

Scaffolding include: kwikstage scaffold, steel plank, screw jack, scaffold tube, scaffold coupler, shoring frame, aluminum ladder, aluminum stairs.

Waste Bins: marrel skip bin, hooklift bin

Details, Pls contact us directly


What is the status of scaffold production in end of year?

As all you know, the Chinese Lunar New Year is in the middle of February which is the big season for Chinese. Almost most of people will go back home and share this special tiem with their families.

Because of this, the scaffold production / manufacturing will be postponed to a certain degree. The galvanising companies, in succesion, will be closed from Jan 25th,2018. Whilst, the other upstreams factories will be back to work on March 2th. During this period, the manufacturing of scaffolding will be very slowly.


If you have any scaffolds purchasing plan in China, pls take this into considersation and make proper arrangement.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Sky Ladder, a scaffold road to dream

Some kids will do anything to get out of school. Others risk their lives to get there.

In the mountains of southwest China’s Sichuan province, children descend an 800-meter (half-mile) cliff on unsteady vine ladders to reach school which is made of wood and fastened by steel. The two-hour trip is so demanding, they only return home twice a month.
Atule’er, a village of no more than 400 people, drew wide attention after the state-run Beijing News published a series of striking photos this week of 15 schoolchildren as young as 6 climbing the vine ladders –or “sky ladders,” as locals call them.
Photographer Chen Jie first heard about the village from friends, and when he learned the children would be coming home he joined the climb, camera in hand, to capture the journey up 17 sky ladders along the rocky cliff face.
Exactly because of the pictures spreading, it created great sensations in society, and many compassion public figures attach higly attention on their livings, and donated money and materials.
Finally, there is another better ladder completed which is by steel scaffold pipes and steel scaffold pipes and couplers.
Not only just scaffolds but also a solution to our dreams

                sky ladder

                                                Where is love, there is road.

ladder in the air

2018, A Big Year for you

2018, a special year for ADTO GROUP and also for you.

20 years ago, ADTO was born as a small family steel pipe shop, and workders was less than 5. As time going by, it is a group company with several wholly-owned subsidiaries and few invested facotries. Workers are more than 1500 currently.

Actually, it is not easy to meet this anniversary, there are thousands of obstacles on the road. However we are also very lucky to be with you. With all of your efforts, such difficulties have been under our footprints. Any words could not express of our thanks to you.

Hereby, there will be losts of Promotional Sales in 2018 to thanks for your trust & supports in the passed years.

Our products including: Kwikstage scaffold, Ringlock Scaffold, Skip Bin, Drop Forged Couplers, Steel Tube, Aluminum Ladder, Screw Jack, Shoring Frame, Filmed plywood and etc.


Kindly follow our pages, if there is any exact Sales Plan, it will be presented immediately.

More info, pls contact our Marketing Representive direcetly.

Thanks once again.

Holiday – 2018 New Year

New Year is the most important season in different countries and also in China.

Usually the best festival in China is the end and first day in Chinese Lunar Calendar. At that time, poeple would come back to home how matter where they are,what they do and share the special times with their families.

The New year based on Solar Calender, there will be official holiday as three days.

Kindly note that ADTO is closed Dec 30th,2017 – January 1st,2018

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If there is any inquiry for following items, pls send it to Maybe the reply will not be back in a short time, but the inbox would be read everyday.

Prodducts: Kwikstage Scaffold, Shoring Frame, Steel Scaffold Boad, Ringlock Scaffolding, Skip Bin and other construction materials

Are you with special scaffolder T-shirts?

Special scaffolder clothes like T-shirt is easy to awared in the Australia construction sites.

Simply, it is a kind of welfare for scaffolder, the T-shirt is much better for working than their own casual clothes. Whilst, it is an indispensable ADs on sites and brand promotions for scaffolding company.



ADTO always present One-stop Solutions to our clients. Whatever they needs, there is a way.

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