How to set steel scaffold screw jack

1. Place each vertical lever vertically on the pad.

2. The vertical bar of the scaffold is 20cm away from the wall of the wall, and the feet are more than 20cm.

3. The scaffold is afraid of the vertical and horizontal sweep. The vertical sweep rod is fixed on a vertical rod with a right Angle fastener, which is not more than 200 on the base. The horizontal sweep lever is also fixed by a right Angle fastener on the vertical bar under the vertical sweep rod. When the vertical rod based not on the same height, must be high vertical sweeping lever downward extension of two long across and vertical rod is fixed, high and low difference is not less than 1 m. Scaffolding screw jack stand on slope at the top of the stem axis to the slope distance not less than 500 mm.

scaffolding screw jack

4. The upright rod must be connected to the building with a connected wall.

5. The top step of the vertical rod shall be adopted by the top step, and the other layers shall be used. Connect the connection of the scaffolding coupler. The joints and joints shall meet the following requirements. Stud on the docking scaffolding coupler staggered, two adjacent stud joints staggered, not set up within the synchronization, synchronization across a vertical rod inside the two joints in the height direction of stagger distance apart should not less than 500, the distance form the centre of the joint to the master node is not greater than 1/3 of the interval.

The length of the lap shall not be less than 1m, shall be fixed with no less than 2 rotating fasteners, and the edge of the end of the end of the plate shall not be less than 100mm.


5 Safety Tips When Working with Scaffolding

Don’t sacrifice safety and efficiency for speed; use these five tips from ADTO Group to keep workers safe when working with scaffolding

Fall prevention is one of the biggest buzz words of construction safety. Fall prevention permeates so many different areas of construction, including scaffolding use and safety. ADTO Groupa global supplier of scaffolding, shoring frame & formwork, recently get a list of five scaffolding safety tips designed to help contractors “stay proactive about scaffolding safety”.
scaffolding dismantle

kwikstage scaffold used in Australian construction sites

Tip 1: Slow down or consider efficiency building alternatives

While the pace at which construction work gets finished is often important to projects and budgets, it can also influence careless and costly mistakes, including gaps in safety on the jobsite. By focusing on greater efficiency, safety does not have to be comprised

Tip 2: Keep your workplace organized

Avoid slip, trip and fall hazards by keeping the worksite organized. When working with scaffolding, keeping tools organized can reduce the risk of tools falling from scaffolding. It can also make moving around on the scaffolding safer for workers.

Tip 3: Identify Hazards

This should be done before work starts and while work is being done. Identify possible hazards and solutions prior to the start of work. Working near power lines? Keep scaffolding far enough away to prevent electrocution risks. Will the scaffolding need to be moved during the project? Form a game plan before each erection.

Tip 4: Proper training

As with all aspects of a construction jobsite, make sure your workers are trained and up to date with OSHA requirements.  Training in the setup and construction of scaffolding can ensure a solid work space for overhead workers and guarantee a rig that will not inadvertently collapse from instability.

Tip 5: Review the site

In addition to identifying hazards, continue to review the worksite throughout the construction project to identify any new hazards that might arise during construction. Keeping an eye out for possible hazards can help eliminate them from happening. As work continues on, workers will become more comfortable on the job. This can cause some to inadvertently (or blatantly) neglect safety.

What is the shoring frame system in Formwork construction sites?

The V-Shore System is a high load conventional shoring system consisting of three components: frames, braces and jacks, fast to erect and strip.

It’s very popular in the domestic and small commercial building sector, and offers the benefits of saving costs on inventory, improved productivity and design versatility.

It is the ideal system for civil engineering projects such as the construction of highway bridges or the laying of heavy slabs or beams.

Material: Galvanised Steel (Q235, Q345)

Surface: Painted, Galvanized

Color: self color or as custom’s requirement

Standard: AS 3610


  • Formwork shoring V Frame – 2 pieces
  • Formwork Cross Brace – 2 pieces
  • Formwork Base (Flat) Jack – 4 pieces
  • Formwork U-Head Jack – 4 pieces
  • Frame Connectors – 4 pieces

formwork application


  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) prevents rusting and requires minimal maintenance
  • Stackable and distance between frames can be adjusted with different sizes of braces
  • High bearing capacity (Safe Load Limit36 KN per leg) and can reach to different shoring heights
  • Versatile in different projects
  • All welds have a lifetime guarantee
  • Lowest price guaranteed


The usage of shoring frame system

Shoring frame in the building construction project is indispensable, provide a safe guarantee for construction operations staff.

The use of the scaffold frame:

1. Frame scaffold used in building, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel and other template supporting roof or fly die within the frame.
2. As high-rise buildings, both inside and outside gate scaffolding.
3. Used for mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform.
4. Use frames scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, the warehouse or barrack.
5. Used for erection of temporary balcony and stand.

shoring frame

The frame width of scaffolding companies in Australia mainly1219 mm, the height is 3’4’5’6’7′ ft .

D60, 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ ft Formwork Shoring frame System, Are you looking for it?

The shoring frame is easy and simple to use. Used in the Composition of the shoring towers, it works together with the base jack, U head jack, cross brace, spigots and other shoring accessories.

The formwork shoring frame system main advantage is the durability and speed in assembling(it requires no additional tools). It has various dimensions to suit different types of implementation and loads of concrete structure.

ADTO Shoring Frames are made from hot dipped galvanised steel tube, diameter is 60mm

Size: 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ ft

AS3610 tested.

Are you looking for it?


V shoring frame Formwork

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The Building of Scaffolding Tubes is the Beginning of the Project

Scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support.

Architecture of the generic term, refers to the construction site in exterior, interior, or higher storey height can’t construction directly. Mainly for construction personnel working up and down or peripheral safety maintenance and high altitude installation components etc, to put it bluntly, is which the scaffold materials usually are: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials.

Pre-galvanized steel pipes5.jpg


Some works also use scaffolding tubes when the template is used, in addition in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation, mining and other departments is also widely used. ADTO scaffolding rental scaffolding, scaffolding construction good helper, is your right choice.

After the removal of scaffolding square tube should be according to the first open principle, according to the following procedures: from cross-border open at the top of the armrest and baluster at first, and then dismantle scaffold board and escalators, and unload horizontal rod reinforcing rod and bracing.

Since the top edge began to remove cross sustaining, synchronous remove the top bracing rod with the wall top door frame. Continue to phase synchronization under the demolition of the second step the door frame and accessories. Scaffold free cantilever height shall not exceed three steps, or shall provide temporary Rachel.

tube coupler scaffold

To remove the continuous synchronization. For even the wall rod, scissors, long horizontal, must be removed in the scaffold to relevant across the door frame, before dismantling. Demolition of sweeping bar, the bottom door frame and sealing bar. Demolition of base plate and pad.

What Tips Shall be Given When Choosing the Scaffolding Planks

Nowadays Steel scaffolding planks  is more popular than wooden or banboo planks and now there’s a lot of steel scaffolding planks of products on the market, many of them are very fancy, the propaganda of their products and many of them are too solid, so in the engineering construction steel scaffolding planks of choose and buy is very critical. On the steel scaffolding planks selection problem, must be careless, in the event of danger and accident it will be irrevocably, so in the head of the engineering construction steel scaffolding planks have the high sense of responsibility when the choose and buy.

scaffolding planks
In many construction projects, steel planks are to carry the weight of the heavy, and the use of steel pedal is not a one-off cycle, they are used again and again, so the service life of good steel scaffolding planks should be effectively guaranteed.

In addition, our steel scaffolding planks when the choose and buy must pay attention to his anti-corrosive co-efficient, the use of steel scaffolding planks environment is relatively strict, if anti-corrosion performance is not good to rust corrosion and affect the use effect.
Steel board is widely used in our daily life, especially in the construction, construction of city using effect is outstanding, it has played a very significant impact.

scaffolding planks

Steel scaffolding planks for scaffolding structures play an important role, it is important to building materials, and more and more security, economic development. Steel scaffolding planks are trend of development, replace the old bamboo board, wood board, using more safe and reliable, it is more convenient to construction.

In Austrialia market, the kwikstage scaffold is common used in the construction sites and the cooresponding steel plank is 230*63mm which is made of pre-galvanised sheet. Regarding our kwikstage scaffold plank, it is AS/NZS 1577 approved with 250 kg WLL. All of these are about safety.