New ADTO Building in West of Changsha City


Glad to say that the ADTO buildings are in process of docarating.

New office buildings are in the Wangcheng Disctrict(west of Changsha city)


#1 building:

1F: VIP room, multimedia room, meeting room, showing room

2F: Gym, ADTO Business College, PC room, lounge

3F-9F: office

2# building

1F: testing room

2F: sampling room of scaffoldings, formworks and other construction materials

3F: canteen

4F: dormitory

Video: Demo of office

             Demo of lobby

It is expected that we will start to move to the new office buildings in the earlier 2017, what an amazing office for us!

Plans and Preparations Before Scaffolding Construction and Building

Scaffolding, former head engineering should be according to the requirement of the scaffold construction design or special solutions to technical clarificaiton set-up and use of personnel. To enter the scene of the scaffolding components, to improve the quality of its carry before use. Building below small make up and everyone under brief analysis.


1. unit project director should organize cantilever steel pipe scaffold special construction scheme of the staff, the builder, safety personnel, in accordance with the requirements of the special construction scheme and safety technical regulations, written technical clarificaiton, erectness personnel and signing formalities.

2. cantilever scaffold erection, erectness personnel should read the cantilever scaffold special construction plan, mastering the cantilever bearing frame structure, arrangement, distance, special parts, such as, corner, balcony floor (electric) ladder, etc.) is the specific practice, scaffolding set-up requirements of aircraft body and so on, and check the actual situation, need to coordinate with the design personnel, modify the design.

3. should be in accordance with the requirements of the special construction scheme, construction, production, installation of embedded iron pieces, embedded bolt and concealed engineering acceptance, concealment acceptance should complete formalities.

4. should according to the special construction scheme, construction drawings and relevant technical norms, to approach the cantilever bearing parts, scaffolding steel pipes, fasteners and components, embedded iron, bolt, such as check acceptance, unqualified products shall not be used.

5. after the inspection of materials, the classification of the components should be neatly stacked, smooth, yard can not have water.

6. cantilever scaffolding tube steel pipes, fasteners and cantilever bearing frame should be ready to paint, anti-corrosion, etc.

7. cantilever bearing rack installation time corresponding to the main structure of concrete strength should not be less than C10;