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Kwikstage scaffolding is an excellent alternative to the traditional types of scaffolding that involve tube and fitting methods. It is both innovative and cost-effective. It comes in various materials including steel. Kwikstage scaffold is being used in construction sites around the world for its various advantages. Whether the construction is for residential or business purposes, building managers are increasingly opting for this type of scaffolding.


The above chart is based on our views in passed one year. Good news is that the current pricing of scaffold raw material is the lowest within passed two month.

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What Tips Shall be Given When Choosing the Scaffolding Planks

Nowadays Steel scaffolding planks  is more popular than wooden or banboo planks and now there’s a lot of steel scaffolding planks of products on the market, many of them are very fancy, the propaganda of their products and many of them are too solid, so in the engineering construction steel scaffolding planks of choose and buy is very critical. On the steel scaffolding planks selection problem, must be careless, in the event of danger and accident it will be irrevocably, so in the head of the engineering construction steel scaffolding planks have the high sense of responsibility when the choose and buy.

scaffolding planks
In many construction projects, steel planks are to carry the weight of the heavy, and the use of steel pedal is not a one-off cycle, they are used again and again, so the service life of good steel scaffolding planks should be effectively guaranteed.

In addition, our steel scaffolding planks when the choose and buy must pay attention to his anti-corrosive co-efficient, the use of steel scaffolding planks environment is relatively strict, if anti-corrosion performance is not good to rust corrosion and affect the use effect.
Steel board is widely used in our daily life, especially in the construction, construction of city using effect is outstanding, it has played a very significant impact.

scaffolding planks

Steel scaffolding planks for scaffolding structures play an important role, it is important to building materials, and more and more security, economic development. Steel scaffolding planks are trend of development, replace the old bamboo board, wood board, using more safe and reliable, it is more convenient to construction.

In Austrialia market, the kwikstage scaffold is common used in the construction sites and the cooresponding steel plank is 230*63mm which is made of pre-galvanised sheet. Regarding our kwikstage scaffold plank, it is AS/NZS 1577 approved with 250 kg WLL. All of these are about safety.

Environmental supervision:Limited production

As the environmental prtection, the government put greater attention on the plant pollution these days.
Central Environmental Protection Team ordered all acid-related producers in Jinghai District, Tianjin cease production from May 1. Most local galvanizers were forced to shut down.When they will restart is still indeterminate.


It  understands production at some galvanizers in Jinghai District had been restricted in mid-April. More plants halted operation in May.

About 200 local galvanizing lines will be affected, whose monthly zinc consumption total 40,000-50,000 tonnes per month.

Further, more and more factories relating scaffold are shut down by order, it exceed 80%. Under such circumstance, the supplying of scaffold is decreased dramatically, and the prices will be much higher after this environmental supervision.

We are sorry to say that our factories stop production these days and wait for the better situation.


Video: Erection of Kwikstage Scaffold

Kwikstage Scaffold is a heavy duty modular scaffolding system. It is an effective and safe method of access for work in those hard-to-reach places and at heights on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Kwikstage Scaffolding is the one of the best scaffolding systems, reliable in Australia for its flexibility, strength and ease of installation. This scaffolding system saves erection and dismantling time, reducing labour costs and creating time for what matters most – getting the job done

Occassionally we got the below vedio of kwikstage erection which is useful for on-site building. Pls click below:


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Australia Standard Hot Dipped Galvanised Scaffold Kwikstage Standard for Sale

Kwikstage Scaffolding is commonly used throughout Australia and New Zealand due to its safety, reliability, flexibility and easy erection & dismentling

Kwikstage Standard verticals form the support or the uprights and are made from Standard Scaffold 48.3mm Tubes.

They have a series of “V” pressings welded at nominal 500 mm on the tube to provide a location for ledger and transoms.

Products are manufactured to Australian Standard AS1576, MTS certified.

Usually, the standards are packed in the steel stillages and fastened by steel band.

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How to find a qualified kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer?

Kwikstage Scaffolding manufacturer is numerous, but the factory production of have different quality, different after-sales, often very hard to choose, such as good scaffold, real manufacturer.

Choose Kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer, however, does not like the big market to choose Chinese cabbage, looking for manufacturers to purchase wholesale, but should hold cautious attitude from the strength of the manufacturers, product quality, service and other aspects to consider. These factors are important for the long term cooperation. Low purchasing costs is important but pls remember, no business man will deal without any profit for a long time,  WIN-WIN partnership  can only lasts for a long time.

Kwikstage scaffoldings

Furthermore, pls pay particular attention to the quality , after all it is the one need to use the operation of the project, the workers need to stamped on the operation on the scaffolding, if quality of scaffolding is bad , construction personnel person can easily lead to damage to bring safe hidden trouble, also easy to cause the construction accidents, which is good, in examining a scaffolding manufacturer.

Australia Domestic Q235 Painted Steel Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Brace

Australia Domestic Q235 Painted Steel Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Brace are made from 48.3 mm dia tube with a swivel C section and wedge at each end and secure the “V” on the standard. Their Function is to provide transverse and Longitudinal Bracing to the scaffold Structure. They resist sway forces that result from horizontal loads imposed on scaffolds from wind and worker movement.

Kwikstage scaffold can be used wherever regular scaffold is used. The patented Kwikstage modular system can be built to any height using a strong and safe interlocking system. There are easy parts and useful accessories such as planks and safety steps to keep you and your workers safe when on site. From government buildings and projects, commercial and business buildings as well as smaller domestic jobs Kwikstage Scaffolding can certainly help any builder on any project to work faster, smarter, more efficiently and above all safely.


a) Durability: Kwikstage scaffold is made of tough material and provides long-term benefits.

b) Adaptability: The kwikstage scaffold is adaptable to different construction sites and all types of buildings.

c) Increased productivity: This scaffolding can sustain a lot of workers at the same time, thereby increasing productivity.

d) Lower maintenance costs: It does not require costly maintenance.

e) No loose fittings: the wedgelock system without any screws or nuts

f) Labor saving: An excellent feature of this scaffold is that it can be erected and dismantled easily and fast.

Product Images



Main parts in Kwikstage Scaffold system:

Kwikstage Scaffold Standard

Kwikstage Scaffold Ledger

KwikstageScaffold Transom

Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Brace

Kwikstage Scaffold Tie Bar

Kwikstage Scaffold Steel Board

Kwikstage Scaffold Accessories(hop up bracket, toe board bracket, Jack, stair…)

Production Process

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage product process

Production Equipment

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage product equipment

Packaging and Shipping

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage packaging shipping


Kwikstage scaffolding can be used for new buildings, as well as repair and maintenance projects:

a) Perimeter Roof Edge Protection

b) Heavy duty for Brick and Block Work

c) Formwork Edge Protection

d) All types of new construction (Domestic and Commercial)

e) Birdcages for void areas

f) Heavy Duty Overhead Protective Covers (Gantry)

g) Industrial Maintenance and Repairs

Hot dipped galvanzied kwikstage applications

Company Information

ADTO Industrial Group, founded in 1998, is a leading manufacturer & supplier for building materials in China, centering on R&D, producing and selling of building materials like Kwikstage Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffoldings, Tube & fittings, Formwork and other relating products.

The group has more than 10 subdivisions and four manufacturing bases, possessing the right to import and export with business coverage spanning over more than 50 places and areas. Over 5000 international big buyers keep ADTO as their long term business partner. 

 1. Manufacturing: more than 18 years’ producing experience.

2. Largest manufacturing center of scaffolding in China

3. Product idea: Safety and Quality Build Future

4. Certifications: ISO, CE, MTS, SGS, BV

5. Production base: Four factories, more than 40,000 square meters

6. Skilled workers: over 2000

7. Exporting: consecutive Export Champion of Scaffolding

 Hot Dipped galvanzied kwikstage company information


Q: Are you the real factory?

A: Yes, ADTO with 18 year’s producing experience is the largest manufacturer of scaffolding.

 Q: What is your package?
A: Usually the items are packed in the pallet or as our agreements.

 Q: Can we have our own design and packages?
A: Yes, customized products & designs are welcomed.

 Q: What is your minimum order?
A: Normally it is 1x 20 GP containers and it is negotiable.

 Q: How about the supplying capacity?
A: On average, 20-30 containers get into Australian Market monthly

 Q: What is your deliver time?
A: Usually, our deliver time is around 30 days, but we can also try our best to adjust the deliver time according to the requirement of clients. 


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