What is the ringlock scaffolding?

ADTO Ringlock scaffolding is  a modular system. It is composed of ringlock standards, ringlock ledger, diagonal braces, base collars, triangle brackets and wedge pins. Rosettles are welded to the standards in every 500mm

Galvanised ringlock scaffolding for sale

Ringlock system is a safe and effiecient scaffold system. Due to hot dip galvanization, this scaffolding system has high corrosion resistance. They are widely used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, water towers, oil refinery and etch.

Nowadays, the ringlock scaffold is more and more popular in Australian market, especially for high buildings


ADTO scaffold application

For the 70 years anniversary of Inner Mongolia, the buidling of metro station is launched.

It is our honor to pubilc that our ringlock scaffold serve the metro station and the scaffold are used as the shoring for the station.

Quality builds future.

Definitely, our scaffolds will move forward progressivrely.

The below are the pictures of construction sites.

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