What is the ringlock scaffolding?

ADTO Ringlock scaffolding is  a modular system. It is composed of ringlock standards, ringlock ledger, diagonal braces, base collars, triangle brackets and wedge pins. Rosettles are welded to the standards in every 500mm

Galvanised ringlock scaffolding for sale

Ringlock system is a safe and effiecient scaffold system. Due to hot dip galvanization, this scaffolding system has high corrosion resistance. They are widely used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, water towers, oil refinery and etch.

Nowadays, the ringlock scaffold is more and more popular in Australian market, especially for high buildings

Environmental supervision:Limited production

As the environmental prtection, the government put greater attention on the plant pollution these days.
Central Environmental Protection Team ordered all acid-related producers in Jinghai District, Tianjin cease production from May 1. Most local galvanizers were forced to shut down.When they will restart is still indeterminate.


It  understands production at some galvanizers in Jinghai District had been restricted in mid-April. More plants halted operation in May.

About 200 local galvanizing lines will be affected, whose monthly zinc consumption total 40,000-50,000 tonnes per month.

Further, more and more factories relating scaffold are shut down by order, it exceed 80%. Under such circumstance, the supplying of scaffold is decreased dramatically, and the prices will be much higher after this environmental supervision.

We are sorry to say that our factories stop production these days and wait for the better situation.


Limit production of scaffold

Nowadays, the government put greater attention on the environment protection.

Not only in Tianjin City but also in other province of north China like, Hebei province, Shandong province.

More and more factories of steel are closed as time going by. Under such serious circumstance, the supplying of steel products is decreasing dramatically.

Reference link: http://english.mep.gov.cn/News_service/media_news/201704/t20170424_412547.shtml

ADTO scaffold application

For the 70 years anniversary of Inner Mongolia, the buidling of metro station is launched.

It is our honor to pubilc that our ringlock scaffold serve the metro station and the scaffold are used as the shoring for the station.

Quality builds future.

Definitely, our scaffolds will move forward progressivrely.

The below are the pictures of construction sites.

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Scaffold Solution

Glad to say that ADTO Group has 19 years manufacturing experience.

Over These years, all what we concentrate, what we do is for the better scaffold solution.


Waiting your calls.

Kwikstage scaffold _2

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What Are the Components of Frame Scaffolding in the Whole System

Frame scaffolding connection structure, including scaffolding, connecting rods and safety pin, among them with the top of the scaffold erection rod have connecting rod, connecting rod connection hole is open, the door of the scaffold erection rod has to match the connecting rods of the bottom connection hole, up and down the scaffold connection, connection of the bottom of door frame stud hole to match the connection rods connection hole, connecting hole interpolation has a safety pin.


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Video: Erection of Kwikstage Scaffold

Kwikstage Scaffold is a heavy duty modular scaffolding system. It is an effective and safe method of access for work in those hard-to-reach places and at heights on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Kwikstage Scaffolding is the one of the best scaffolding systems, reliable in Australia for its flexibility, strength and ease of installation. This scaffolding system saves erection and dismantling time, reducing labour costs and creating time for what matters most – getting the job done

Occassionally we got the below vedio of kwikstage erection which is useful for on-site building. Pls click below:


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