What Problems Shall be Paid Attention When Using the Scaffolding Tube

Scaffolding pipe can provide construction personnel and the side of the road the pedestrian safety net to maintain security and periphery and high altitude installation, etc. Under the scaffolding tube manufacturers as an introduction to using shelves tube what problem should note.


1, to ensure that the frame tube surface cleaning, such as regularly remove accumulated in the pipe scaffolding dangerous parts of the materials, brick, concrete block and sundry;   And on the shelves on the tube material should have certain limit, can’t overload piled up. Otherwise it will cause the scaffolding tube damage, or scaffolding pipe in use there are a lot of potential safety hazard, increases the risk of construction.

2, when we use tube scaffolding, to observe the frame tube structure of the whole or local whether there is any deviation, especially the frame tube of each joint is to loosen deflection phenomenon, such as they should be should be timely maintenance. Especially before use, check more carefully, if wait until there is a problem to repair, will not help.

3, after completing the whole frame tube, and check the net twine federated eye network root bundle loosening and mat bamboo basketry and covered with bamboo basketry colligation point for hamstring off wait for a phenomenon, if found fracture, loose, etc., should be timely change. Otherwise when construction personnel in high altitude extremely easy falling off the scaffolding tube, causing serious accidents.

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